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NIHS Information Resources
  Bord Slainte
Library and Information Resources form a key component of the National Institute of Health Sciences.

The NIHS e-library has been developed specifically with your information needs in mind. It is easy to access, user friendly and available 24/7 from any online location.

We wish to inform prospective users that at the present time the NIHS e-library is currently only available within the Republic of Ireland to employees of the Mid-Western Health Board and to associates of the National Institute of Health Sciences through the University of Limerick.

In order to use the e-library, you will need to obtain a username and password from the National Institute of Health Sciences or from the Regional Medical Library, Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Dooradoyle, Limerick. Each database also has its own individual access details that you can obtain by registering with us electronically and indicating which products you wish to use.

  General Web Links

The e-library provides access to 15 databases catering for a variety of healthcare professionals including: Medical, Nursing and Allied Health, Health Management, Psychology, Psychiatry and related disciplines, Social Policy, Child Health and Welfare.

The e-library is your resource and it aims to:

  • Assist you to gain ready access to your professional knowledge base
  • Provide you with the best available evidence to inform your practice
  • Sustain your continuing professional development
  • Provide a vital support for your research activity

How do I access the NIHS e-library?

Follow these seven steps to gain access to the best available evidence and to current and reliable information to inform your practice.....

    1. Go to
    2. Click Library Services link on Home Page or any of the Library Services links on the Information Resources Page.
    3. On the NIHS Library Services page, click the E-Library link.
    4. First time users register your details, select your options and submit.
    5.Upon receipt of your username and password by e-mail go to Login Page (Follow steps 1 and 3 to get there).
    6.Enter e-library username and password.
    7. You are now in the e-library. Click on the resource required and enter relevant access details to begin searching.

The General Web Links section provides a sample of some excellent web resources for accessing medicine on the web and for sourcing evidence-based healthcare information to inform practice. This section can be easily accessed and requires no specific passwords.

The Oireachtas Acts and Bills section links to the text of all Government Bills from 1997 - 2002 and the text of all Acts published by the Oireachtas (Dail + Seanad) from 1997 - 2001. This is an extremely useful resource for locating Government Information relating to Health.




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