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Research Register
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What is the Register and how can I access it?

The NIHS Research Register is a central database containing information about recent and current health and health management research in this region.
The Research Register collates descriptions of these research projects under a number of headings and classifies them as completed or ongoing depending on their current status. The database also links into the full text of all articles and research results published to date by the National Institute of Health Sciences in our Research Bulletins.

The database opens with an ongoing projects [83] section which lists the total number of records contained in the section with the title of each listed. Thus, it is possible to browse through the list for topics of interest, or alternatively, you can use the search facility to refine your search results.
The completed projects [288] section follows the same format. When a search is performed the records you find will have information on the following aspects of the project in question:

Title, Contact Person, Author(s),Subject Area, Start and End Dates, Project Status, Funding Information, Details of Publication or Presentation, Keywords (Primary and Secondary)

If you find research projects that interest you and you wish to find out more, the person listed for the project in our database can be contacted directly.

Click here to access the Research Register

Click here to fill in your Online NIHS Research Register Submission Form.

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